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School Vacancies in the East Riding of Yorkshire

As the only specialist education recruitment agency based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, our team work closely with schools throughout the area including: Beverley, Cottingham, Bridlington, Driffield, Snaith, Goole, Brough, Holderness and up and down the East Coast.

Our local knowledge and connections make James Ray Recruitment the partner agency for a number of schools, MATs and academies.

Our mission is to provide a better recruitment service for the education sector, helping to match candidates with secondary school jobs, primary school jobs, SEN roles and teaching assistant vacancies across the East Riding.

With teaching jobs in large demand across the East Riding and Humber region, there has never been a better time to register and secure a new school role.

We also recruit for school support staff, including school business managers, exams officers, pastoral roles and teaching assistants (TAs).

Living and Working in the East Riding


The East Riding offers a lovely mix of rural, coastal and inner city schools. Each one presents unique opportunities and challenges, making it the perfect location no matter what your career goals are.

Cost of Living

With house prices being lower than England’s average, you can be sure that your teaching salary will stretch further in the East Riding than it would in other areas, particularly in London and the South.


Excellent rail links to the rest of the UK, as well as airports within an hour’s drive. Not to mention the ferry terminal in nerby Hull – you’ll have plenty of travel options for those of you who like to see the world.

Areas We Cover in the East Riding

James Ray Recruitment can offer school roles on a full time or part time basis, with both permanent and temporary as well as supply contracts available. We cover the entire region, including:

Why Work With James Ray?

5 star reviews from our clients and candidates

Leading rates of pay

Potential for flexible roles

20 years experience in education recruitment

Strong links with local schools and trusts

Candidate networking opportunities

Meet James Ray's Education Recruitment Team:

Paige Lautman

Talent Acquisition Assistant

Evie Shepherd, a Trainee Recruitment Associate at James Ray Recruitment

Evie Shepherd

Trainee Recruitment Associate – Legal

Kat Patchett - Senior Recruitment Associate at James Ray Recruitment

Kat Patchett

Senior Recruitment Associate – Education

Helpful Resources for Education Candidates

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers are paid according to a national pay scale, which has 5 bands. The lowest band, M1, where a newly qualified teacher starts is set to be £30,000 for the 2023-24 academic year. The scale rises to M6, which teachers progress through under the terms of their employing schools’ performance management procedure. M6 pay is set to be £41,333 for the 2023-24 academic year.

This is significantly higher than Hull’s average salary of £23,350.

There are various routes into becoming a qualified teacher, as well as options to work as an unqualified teacher or “an instructor.”

We published this resource to help understand the requirements for becoming a teacher which goes into more details about the routes into teaching.

The demand for qualified teaching staff is increasing year on year. Simply put, as the population increases and experienced staff leave or retire, the number of vacancies increases. We have a significant number of jobs advertised in the Hull and East Riding which you can view below.

You may have seen reports in the media regarding teacher workload, and yes, teachers do put in a lot of time planning, delivering and assessing their lessons. The DFE has launched a plan for tackling teacher workload, and teaching unions are actively supporting their members to keep workloads manageable.

All school staff are required to undergo a check with the Disclosure and Barring Service. A criminal conviction will not automatically disqualify you from getting a teaching job, and each case will be assessed individually. However, serious crimes involving violence, sexual assault or offences against children are likely to result in a candidate being deemed as unsuitable to teach.

If you are concerned, it may be worth contacting a teaching union to seek their advice.


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