Apply For Teacher Training in 2024
4 January 2024

In order to start a Teacher Training course in September 2024 you’ll need to start preparing now. The process can take up to 30 days, and popular courses will fill up quickly, so you’ll need to have everything in order for your application and, hopefully, interview.

When Can I Apply For Teacher Training?

Officially, teacher training applications opened 10th October 2023, and will remain open throughout the next academic year until 17th September 2024.

What Qualifications Will I Need To Apply?

The level of qualification required will depend on the teacher training route you pursue. However, at a minimum you will need GCSEs in Maths and English at a Grade C (or equivalent), and an undergraduate degree.

Applicants may hold a degree in any subject. For secondary or Sixth Form applicants, your application may be stronger if your degree is within the subject that you wish to teach.

Do I Need School Experience Before I Apply?

Having experience of working within schools is not required, but would be looked upon favourably by school interview panels. There are a number of ways you can gain school experience before starting an Initial Teacher Training course, such as:

Paid experience as a cover supervisor
– Volunteer experience in a local school
– Work in tutoring
– Work with local youth groups, such as Guides or Scouts.

Any experience of working with young people is better than none, but we believe that applicants with recent school experience will stand out when they submit applications.

How To Apply For Teacher Training

You can apply for your chosen course on the ‘Apply For Teacher Training‘ page on the .gov website.

Is There Any Financial Help For Teacher Training?

There are a range of government bursaries and scholarships available for postgraduate teacher training courses. The amount, and whether it needs to be repaid or not, will depend on your chosen subject specialism and level of qualification.

You can view a more detailed breakdown of bursaries and scholarships available for the 2024 academic year on the Get Into Teaching website.