How Much Do Supply Teachers Earn?

20 February 2024

One of the many reasons to become a supply teacher is the freedom and flexibility of being able to control which schools you work in, on which days and for how long. However, without a standard teaching contract that you would get when working in a permanent teaching position, you probably have questions about the payment terms for supply teaching.

This guide will answer them for you.

For Teachers Employed By Schools

Teachers who are employed directly by a school to cover a long-term period of absence will be paid on the teacher’s pay scale. Although this document doesn’t specify a daily rate of pay, teaching unions have calculated it to be 1/195 of the full-time salary.

Teachers employed on a long-term basis will be expected to act fully as a permanent member of staff, which includes marking, planning and conducting parent consultations.

For Supply Teachers With Agencies

Agency staff will be paid a daily rate to cover staff absence in schools. Although this amount will typically be less than a long-term position which is paid on the national pay scale, it also comes with less responsibility and workload around planning and marking.

James Ray Recruitment’s Supply Teacher Pay

Teachers who register for our supply pool are paid a highly competitive rate, paid for each day worked in schools. The exact rate is based on experience and the roles taken. We also offer other perks, such as Continued Professional Development to bolster your CV, and rewards such as ‘Employee of the Term.’

If you’re interested in joining us, you can get in touch and have a chat with one of our experienced, specialist education recruitment consultants. Alternatively, you can register for the supply pool here.